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The history of Britiss Surnames


Sometimes, people took their names from occupations. See if you recognize anyone's name from this list! Listed by name first, and job description second.

Archer - archer
Bacchus - worked in a bake house
Bailey - bailiff
Barber - cut hair; surgeon
Barker - worked with bark for the leather trade, shepherd
Baxter - female baker
Bekker - made wooden vessels
Bender - made casks and barrels
Berger - shepherd
Boatwright - made boats
Bowman - archer
Brewer - brewed ale
Brewster - female brewer
Butler - wine steward
Campion - pro fighter; champion
Cantrell - cinger in a chatry
Carpenter - carpenter
Carrin - made carts
Carter - made or sold carts, transported goods
Cartwright - made carts
Carver - sculptor
Cater - supplied goods to a large household
Century - belt maker
Chafer - lime kiln worker
Chaffer - merchant
Chalker - white washer
Challender - sold blankets
Chamberlain - in charge of private chambers.
Chambers - in charge of private chambers.
Chandler - candle maker
Chaplin - chaplain
Chapman - merchant/peddler
Cheeseman - made and sold cheese
Cheesewright - made and sold cheese
Cherrier - worked in a cherry orchard
Chessman - made and sold cheese
Clark - clerk
Cleaver - either worked in a butcher shop or split wood
Coldren - made large cooking pots
Coleman - gathered charcoal
Collier - sold charcoal
Conner - inspected for weights and measures
Cook - cook
Cooper - made barrels
Cotter - tenant farmer
Crowther - played the "crowd," a medieval stringed instrument
Day - worker in a dairy
Dexter - female dyer
Drage - confectioner
Draper - maker/seller of woolen cloth
Dyer - dyed cloth
Dyster - female dyer
Falconer - kept and trained falcons
Farrar - smith, ferrier
Faulkner - kept and trained falcons
Fearson - ironmonger/smith
Fisher - fisherman
Fiske - sold fish
Flax - sold or grew flax
Fletcher - made arrows
Foal - fool; jester
Forester - guardian of lord's forest
Foster - guardian of lord's forest
Fowler - keeper/catcher of birds
Frobisher - polished swords and armor
Fuller - thickened cloth by trampling
Gage - inspected for weights and measures
Gardner, Gardiner - tended gardens
Glover - made gloves
Graves - steward
Hammer - made stone hammers
Harper - played or made harps
Hayward - guarded fences or enclosures
Heard - shepherd or cow herd
Hinman - keeper of deer on an estate
Hogg - swine herd
Hooper - fitted metal hoops to barrels and casks
Hunter - hunter
Inman - Innkeeper
Kantor - singer in a chantry
Kellogg - slaughterer
Key - made keys
Killer - lime kiln worker
King - servant to a king
Kisser - armor maker
Knight - knight; any military servant; young servant to a knight
Lander - laundry worker
Leadbetter - lead worker
Lister - cloth dyer
Lorimer - made spurs
Lush - usher
Machin - mason; stoneworker
Marshall - in charge of horses
Mason - mason; stoneworker
Mercer - merchant, esp. of fine cloths (silk, velvet etc.)
Miller, - Milner miller
Mulliner, - Mills miller
Nader - tailor
Naylor - made and sold nails
Page, Paige, Paget - minor male servant
Palmer - a pilgrim
Parker - game keeper
Parson parson; - rector
Piper - played or made pipes
Plummer plumber; - lead worker
Potter - potter
Proctor - tax collector; solicitor; steward
Provost - supervisor on a lord's manor
Purcell - swine herd
Redman - roof thatcher
Rock - spun wool; made distaffs
Rocker - spun wool; made distaffs
Ryder - delivered messages on horseback
Sadler - made saddles
Salter - salt worker or salt seller
Sargent - military servant
Sawyer - sawed wood
Schneider - tailor (German)
Schreiber - clerk
Scully - town crier
Seal/Seales - maker of seals or saddles
Sexton - maintained churches; dug graves
Shepherd - shepard
Shields - armorer
Singer - singer
Skinner - tanned hides
Skipper - ship master
Smith, Smythe smith - smithy
Smoker - made smocks
Snyder - tailor (Dutch)
Soppner - roofing shingle maker
Spencer - dispensed lord's provisions
Spicer - sold spices
Spittle - hospital worker
Stanier, Stonier - stone cutter
Steele - steel worker
Stewart - steward
Stringer - made strings for bows
Tabor - played the tabor (small drum)
Tanner - tanned hides
Tasker - did piece work
Taverner - tavern keeper
Taylor - tailor
Thatcher - thatched roofs
Tiller - farmer
Tillman - farmer or tile maker
Todd - fox hunter
Toller - toll collector
Trainer - trapper
Tranter - waggoner
Trapp - trapper
Travers - tollbridge keeper
Trinder - wheel maker
Trotter - messenger
Tucker - cloth worker
Turner - made small objects by turning them on a lathe
Tyler - made tiles
Tyrer - wardrobe master
Voss - servant
Walker - shrunk woolen cloth
Waller - built walls
Ward - watchman; guard
Warf - dock worker
Warner, Warrer - in charge of wildlife at a park
Wayne - wheel maker
Webb - weaver
Webster - female weaver
Woodward - forester
Wright (i.e. wheelwright made wheels for carts)

So now you are a bit smarter than before you read this!

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